Living Bliss Yoga is:

  • A circle where women gather to share their yoga practice, passion, wisdom and insights
  • A place for you to find motivation, guidance and support to establish a home yoga practice right at your finger tips in the safety of your own home
  • A sacred space to come to when in need of creating a doable, inspiring, musing, spiritual, empowering and evolving day-to-day practice AND connect to like-minded women

LBY is Not Like Any Other Online Yoga Studio

Here you get exclusive members-only access to a community of women
A member's profle page for you to share who you are
Motivation and support
Yoga videos, inspirations and ideas to build and establish a home yoga practice

Yoga for me is a meaningful daily ritual and I encourage you to join me on a journey to live in harmony with the self and all living forms.


Living Bliss Yoga offers two membership terms:

$150 for a 12 month membership


$54 for a 3 month membership